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ΝΕW Shipping with TAS Courier now available for selected Attika areas (next day delivery, certain Attika areas excluded) | Our shop operates only online! In our headquarters, there is ONLY the possibility to deliver orders and ONLY by appointment!

Shipments and Payments


Our Company provides you with many ways of collecting and delivering of the products for your convenience. Shipping costs are borne- entirely by the buyer and their amount is adjusted according to the method defined below. During the process of submitting your order, you are asked to choose which of the following ways you wish in order to receive the products you have ordered. Depending on the way you choose, the total final cost of your order is determined according to the following distinctions.

A. Delivery of products with a courier company

At the moment our Company has partnership with the following courier service proviers

  1. TAS Courier
  2. ACS Courier 

Shipping costs are borne entirely by the buyer. For orders worth more than thirty (30) euros, shipping of the products is free.  Note that from the delivery of our product to the courier company, which will be done by us as soon as possible and for which there will be information upon completion of your order, the shipment of the product will be planned, and the product will be shipped within the time period specified by the selected courier company, depending on the delivery address. We do not bear any responsibility in case of late delivery of the product within the time period set by the courier company.  The following charges are subject to change for future purchases without notice. However, the new charges will apply to new purchases. Similarly, the Company reserves the right to choose at its absolute discretion the courier company with which product deliveries are done.

A1. TAS Courier 

TAS courier service provides its services only at Attika region. Shipments are completed within 1 business day.


  • Basic Charge 2,00 € for orders up to 29,99 €, FREE SHIPPING for 30,00 € and greater
  • Extra charge for Payement On Delivery service 2,00 € 

The following Attika areas are NOT supported by TAS Courier:

190 09RAFINA
190 12VILIA
191 00MEGARA
194 00KOROPI
195 00LAVRIO
196 00MANDRA

A2. ACS Courier 

ACS couruer provices its services to all Greece and Cyprus. In the case that the area is difficult to reach (according to ACS courier rules) and if the customer does not wish to receive his package from the nearest ACS store, an extra charge for a remote or difficult to reach area is to be imposed in any case. 

The billing table is valid as follows: 

For orders up to 29.99 euros

  • Basic charge 2,00 €
  • Extra charge on remote areas 3,50 €
  • Extra charge on Cash on delivery 2,00 €

For orders of 30.00 euros and above

  • Basic charge 0,00 €
  • Extra charge on remote areas 3,50 €
  • Extra charge on Cash on delivery 2,00 €

Indicative delivery time according to our contract with ACS is the following:

  • In Attica: 1 day
  • Inland Destination: 1-2 days
  • Island Destination: 1-3 days
  • Remote areas: 1-5 days

Delivery time is indicative and concerns working days from the date of departure from the shop and may vary depending on conditions.

Β.Collection of the product at the Company premises at 205, Piraeus Str., Athens, P.C. 11853

B.1 In case you have already paid the price of the order by using a credit or debit card or prepayment of the entire amount by bank deposit in the e-shop, the Company will contact you by phone or e-mail when the product is available for its collection. The Company bears no responsibility in case the communication with you is not possible due to an error in your data or your non-response to our communication or an event of force majeure or an unforeseen incident. Please note that the Company will keep the product for collection for a period of 7 days from your notification that the product is ready for collection from the store. After the expiration of the aforementioned deadline of 7 days, the Company is not obliged to have the product ready for collection at the store. If you do not arrive to pick up the product within the aforementioned 7-day period, you will need to contact our online shop again in order to re-agree on the product delivery arrangements. Once you have prepaid the product, you must have the proof of payment with you upon its delivery. The Company is entitled (but not obliged) to refuse to deliver the product to anyone who appears and does not have the proof of payment. It is clear from any responsibility if it delivers the product to any person who arrives for collection with the said proof or without proof but states other details of your order.

B.2 If you have chosen to pay for the product upon its collection from the Company premises, we will contact you by phone or email you when the product is available for delivery In this case the product is reserved for you for 2 working days from the date of your notification, otherwise your order will be canceled, and the product will be sale-free. The Company does not bear any responsibility in case the communication with you is not possible due to an error in your data or your non-response to our communication or an event of force majeure or an unforeseen incident.


In order to provide you with the best and most complete service, you can choose from the following payment methods for the products you are interested in buying:

a) Payment in cash at the Company's quarters within 2 working days from receiving the email that the product is available for delivery in our real place.

In case you choose to pick up your order from our premises, you can pay the price of the order in cash upon collection of the product from our place. The permissible limit for the payment of products in cash is provided by the current legislation. Our Company is obliged to deliver the product to any person who appears in our place and makes the payment for a specific order number that has been made through the e-shop and is clear from any responsibility for any delivery to a third party.

b) Via credit card visa, mastercard as well as debit cards of Greek banks.

Our Company, having as its highest goal the maximum possible securing of transactions, may, if necessary, provide assistance to its affiliated payment service providers regarding the correctness of the payment details you submit (in the case of credit card payment) and is entitled to reject your order if it is found to have or there is a possibility of any problem in to them. It goes without saying that the customer bears full and exclusive responsibility for the correct entry and completion of his/her card details in the payment system. If you have chosen the credit card as a method of payment, the process will be carried out and completed through our trusted partner, a banking institution that provides all the security guarantees of electronic transactions. The collection and processing of the payment details you submit are carried out only by the cooperating financial institutions which are solely responsible for their processing for the completion of the payment. In case you choose to pay by credit card the credit card holder is responsible for the person who will receive the products.

c) By bank payment deposit

Deposit in one of the following bank accounts within 2 working days from the sending of the confirmation message of receiving of the order:

Name of the Beneficiary: NOVIS ZISIS


  • Bank account number: 014 1490 0232 0003 158
  • IBAN: GR19 0140 1490 1490 0232 0003 158


  • Bank account number : 147 944654 02
  • IBAN: GR61 0110 1470 0000 1479 4465 402


  • Bank account number: 5087 051942 431
  • IBAN: GR95 0172 0870 0050 8705 1942 431


  • Bank account number: 0026.0067.20.0200971464
  • IBAN: GR71 0260 0670 0002 0020 0971 464

We point out that it is necessary to enter in the bank payment deposit slip, both your name and the number of your order that appear in the e-mail message which confirms receiving the order by our Company. The Company does not bear any responsibility in case it cannot the submitted by you order with the paid payment if the deposit slip does not indicate the name and the number of the order according to the above.

In any case, please note that the order is processed after the appearance of the full amount deposited in the Company's account. In case the deposit is not made within 2 working days from the date of receiving the confirmation email according to the above (confirmation of the conclusion of the contract), the order and the purchase will be completely canceled, and the product will be sale- free. In this case you will have to place a new order.

d) Cash on delivery upon delivery of the product with an agreed cash on delivery cost of two (2) euros

The Company will contact you by sending an email to the email address you provided when submitting the order to confirm the transaction and other details (e.g., delivery address, delivery time, etc.) before the product is delivered.

It is explicitly agreed that cash on delivery is not possible in the case of products made to order according to your own individual needs or desires (tailor made products). In these cases, the payment of your purchase should be made with one of the above payment methods (credit, debit card, deposit in a bank account). 


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